Dover St Georges Day Social still on #5w

Been told that there was a rumour going round at High Wycombe that the Dover St Georges Day social is cancelled and also that its been moved to Blackpool. IT HAS NOT. Its still on. We took the event down so people wouldn’t get confused with the event on the 2nd. Its still on, and we’ve got a venue. If anyone not in our circle of friends wants to come, turn up at the Priory and we will then page up where you need to go. We’ve gotta do it this way so lefties cant harrass the venue. Its not a march, its a social to celebrate our national day. Anyone that wants to come is welcome. Don’t worry about Antifa, if they turn up they’ll be unmasked and kettled. Katie‪#‎5w‬


Return to Dover April 23rd #5w

We will keep going back to Dover until a serious attempt is made to protect our people from foreign criminals. We need Australian style border controls. We’ve got enough criminals of our own, without importing them wholesale. All those in the Calais “jungle” are criminals and need to be returned to where they came from. They have passed through many safe countries in their quest to get here to abuse our hospitality. It is the first duty of government to protect its citizens. So get on it. Or May will see two Dover demos as well, and so on #5w Don’t shoot the messenger this is the way it is. Stacey